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March 6, 2011

Inspirational Qoutes

.. No matter how hard you try to fix yourself to look good, if you carry out a fake personality, you're still UGLY.. 

.. To have God on your side doesn't mean sailing on a boat with no storm.. It means , having a boat that storm can sink...

.. I don't wanna change myself for the expectations of people around me..I dOn't wanna act like an innocent person just to say that I am good... wAnna know why?? becaouse its better to hate me for who I am than to love me for who I pretend to be..

.. Appreciate those people who find TIME for you in their bussy schedule, but love the  people who NEVER see their schedule when you need them..

.. A Simple philisophy:

"no one can really accept you at your worst without even knpwing how does it feels being with you at your best"

.. Never get discourage when go beyond your expectation... Always remember that the greatest story in lyf is not winning but rising every time we fall..

.. Sometimes, GOD pushes us 2 our limits, hurt in order to grow. fail in order to know.. Lose in order to gain,, & sometimes we have to broken, so we can be whole again...

.. God bless you for you make me feel brand new this all for u for GOD BLESS me with you..

.. Do you know why God keeps on extending your life up to this moment?? It's not because you need it, but because someone else needs you..

..God may be silent but it doesn't mean His not there..." "Faith will be measured by holding on even if you feel thaT God is distant.."

.. If the promise of man is worth nothing, but the promises of God are worht everything.. "

.. the best revenge is happiness, because nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone actually having a good life. "

.. " Sometimes we just have to accept what's gone appreciate what still remains and look forward coming next.. "

.. God loves you infinitely more than can imagine.. "

.. Insecurity is like we don't trust our God.. "

.. Learn to be calm and you will always be happy ..

..  A CHEATERZ PUNISHMENT is to live a life of mistrust because they live in constant fear that the person that cheated with them.. WILL ALSO CHEAT ON THEM some call poetic justice ..but I call it “KARMA” ..  

.. From now on.. I’m facing my fearz ..

.. In three wordz I can sum up everything I’ve Learned about life ..
.. IT GOES ON ..

.. Insecurity is like we don't trust our God..

.. Everything is possible if you have inner peace ..

.. Be thankful in every morning you wake up, it's a brand new day of adventure in your life. God knows how to make your day right, look up and say "LORD BE MY GUIDE"..

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