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September 29, 2011

▐ ◄♫♫ ♥ Poem ♥ ♫♫ ◄▐ 
Do not doubt how much I Love you,
Though our time together is limited.
I am always thinking about you,
Always Loving from deep within.
I really do all the best I can,
And hope that you understand.
Everything of mine is yours;
My warmth, my heart, my hands.
Beautiful eyes and beautiful face,
How might we get to fly together?
You are the joy of my eyes,
Wild and free, soaring through the sky.
I will come and take you with me,
So we can go where a new life begins.
Be gentle my Dear,
What you are holding is my heart.
Remember that we are never far apart.
If we don't get to see each other,
You still remain in my thoughts.
Its not easily to sing out loud just how I feel.
So just as a song writer composes their lyrics,
I use this poem to explain my enduring Love to you.
When I look at your beauty and stare in wonder,
Oh how much better it is that just I remain silent,
Rather than to try describing all my feelings.
My speech would be incompetent to express,
The utmost joy in my heart as I tell you,
Just how much I Love and adore you.
In the forest I saw a beautiful flower in blossom.
You comforted my heart so I came to you.
I began to sing as each song spoke my heart to you.
Little did I know this wild flower would return my Love.
A Love like the sand of the sea that never ends.
Seeing you bloom is the reason my heart will forever adore you.

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