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December 10, 2011

♥◄ Love qOutes with pictures.. :)) ►♥

Girl was Sitting Alone
in a Park
Crying and a Boy sat Next to Her:

Darling Why do you Cry ??

My Heart was Broken,

I will help to Fix your Heart,

But I'm missing Pieces,

Then I will Break My Heart;
Just to Fix yours.. ♥ :)

Trust is the Key ... The Corner Stone ...
without Trust there can be no true Friendship or Love !

witsGirl :will you stop Loving me ?

Boy : of course Not

Girl: Why not !
Boy: Cause i can't live without your love

Girl : Are you sure ?

Boy: sure babe My love for you is a Journey,

                     Starting at Forever and Ending at Never ?
hip or Love ! 


What is love ???

One would say its feeling we have..
but it is more than a feeling...

It is sacrifice,
support and care..

It is not about the feeling we have
it is about the feeling we give..!! ♥ ♥

Boy: can u plz clOse ur eyYes fOr a mOment?
Girl: Ok,dOne
Boy: thAnx,wAt a darknEss Isn't it?
Girl: yEah
BOy: that Is My life is sO empty withOut yOu.. ♥♥ ♥

Girl: How Much Do You Love Me?
Boy: Look Up At The Sky.

Girl: Don't Change The Topic!
Boy: Just Do It!
Girl: Alright! What Am I Looking At?
Boy: Count How Many Stars There Are.

Girl: Impossible.
Boy: So Is Explaining, How Much I Love You.

Her Side Of The Story :

I broke up with him today . I told him i wasn't happy . He didn't even asked why . I thought he would ask me to stay . But he didn't . He just let me go . And just like that , I lost the guy i waited for so long.</3

His Side Of The Story :

She broke up with me today . she said she wasn't happy . I was too hurt to ask why . i wanted to stop her from leaving . But if she's not happy with me , there's no way i can make her stay . So i just let her go , and just like that I lost the girl i was deaming for so long.. ♥♥ ♥

A Boy and a Girl were Playing Together,
The Boy had a Collection of Marbles..
and The Girl had some Sweets with Her..!

The Boy told the Girl that;
"he will give Ger all His Marbles
In Exchange for Her Sweets.."

The Girl Agreed;
The Boy kept the biggest
and the most Beautiful Marble Aside;
and gave the Rest to the Girl..!
But The Girl gave Him all Her Sweets
as She had Promised..=)

That Night, the Girl Slept Peacefully,
But the Boy couldn't Sleep as He kept Wondering
If the Girl had Hidden some Sweets from Him
the Way He had Hidden His best Marble..=(

->Moral of the Story:
If you don't give your 100% in a Relationship,
you'll always keep Doubting;
If the Other Person has Given His/Her 100% !!

This is Applicable for any Relationship;
Give Ur 100% to Everything U do & Sleep Peacefully..! =

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